e-Center: This is the used term in this document to refer to www.Qualitasplaza.com.

Service: It is a certificate, subscription and other offered packages by the e-Qualitas Center Plaza. They are classified as follows::

Customer: Is that moral or legal person who purchased any of the offered products by the e-Center including subscribers.

Member: Any moral or legal person who has acquired a discount package called subscription in the e-Center.

Subscription: It is a package that allows to get discounts and benefits in the e-Center as mentioned herein and portal.

Official media: Everything related to the portal Square Qualitas such as those publications, social networks belonging to Qualitasplaza.com.


This text represents the legal terms and conditions subject to purchase or general purchase of the offered products by the portal e-Center www.QUALITASPLAZA.COM whose objective is to inform potential customers all the attached terms and conditions to products ; to establish a legal basis to substantiate claims and complaints if they are present during or after the acquisition, and establish the rights and duties of the company and the buyer.

With the acquisition of an offered product by the e-Center, the customer or subscriber agrees to agree to the specified procedures, terms and conditions herein.


1. Qualitas Plaza is an e-Center currently managed by Marketing Standard SARL registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies of Avignon, France, dated August 2, 2011 under the registration number: 533920203 residing at 6, chemin Serre. 84370 Bédarrides, France.

2. Acceptance of service by the client means you have read and accepted the proposed terms.

3. The terms here may vary prior agreement between the e-Center and the client.

Buying Service:

4. The customer is subject to the conditions when starting the process of purchasing a product:


5. Payment will be made as set out in the official site Qualitas Plaza and other official media.

6. The e-Center will only accept those payments in the portal using the methods described on the website (Credit Card, among other methods).

7. All services have a fee general retail, specified in the portal, different from the discounted subscription services.

8. In case of default or delay in payment by the subscriber, be suspended discounts on subscription services to pay outstanding dues.

9. In some cases, the e-Center generated charges by restoration expenses account, as stipulated in rates expressed in the portal.

10. Prices of services are not negotiable, are only placed under offers or rebates and-center when it is necessary.

11. The billing, purchased services and payment notifications will be sent to the indicated email by the customer in the form of personal data and payments.

12. Once payment is made, the e-center shall deliver the agreed service.

13. The discounts correspond to promotions and published on the website and official media.

14. All the requested services will be performed based on the payment of tenders and official prices.

15. The prices established in services must be fully paid.

16. The cost of additional updates service will be governed by the current rate published on the web portal.

17. The subscriber has the commitment to accept and comply with the payment obligations set out in the contract, such as collection charges, charges for restoration of services and administrative expenses, whose office shall be equivalent to 20% of the contracted services.

Products and services:

18. While the customer consigns the specified information in the form of portal and other official media, will get the service as the estimated time.

19. The estimated service presentation is a referential term period, therefore, if the service is not delivered within that period, the customer may request the e-center information on the status and condition of the product, but may not apply compensation for damages, nor opportunity cost, or loss of profits.

20. Development and optimization services require data provided by the customer for the development and proper implementation thereof, therefore, must deliver the information should be requested to mail [email protected].

21. Failure to provide the requested information for any of the development and optimization services, charge a fee for lifting concept that information equivalent to 30% of the product price.

22. It is not allowed to disclose the provided data by the e-center to third parties.

23. It is the responsibility of the customer, delivered content or material to the selected service development and optimization.

24. The e-Center is not responsible:

25. The client services web development and optimization:

Warranty and contract:

26. About fault alerts service:

By technical reasons, We guarantee the sending of 98% alerts. Alerts consist on notifications to client email in the following cases:

27. About Web Quality Audit service.

By technical reasons , web quality audit report guarantees inform to client at least 90% of failures or incidents on website business processes evaluated.

28. The warranty lasts for a continuous month from the first payment of any service.

29. All warranties are automatically renewed if not participate termination of service, unless the interested party notified otherwise before the new billing.

30. The e-Center may not be charged for exercising performance contract.


31. The offered certification service by the e-center notes that the customer meets some precise indicators or quality standards, evaluates certain aspects of functionality or performance as appropriate to the system or elements evaluated.

32. The certificate is not a warranty of performance of the site because the site checks are performed externally.

33. By presenting a complaint from a customer of the certified company by the seal of quality e-center, the certified company is committed to go to the relevant authorities to seek the solution of reclamo. El e-Center is not involved in the decision of the company.


34. The e-Center ensures the receipt, discretion and good use of the provided data by its customers. The data will only be used for products and services of e-Center.

35. The results of the diagnostic evaluation, audit and certification website belong exclusively to the client.

36. All information provided is stored in the database of e-Center, which is handled only by authorized personnel.

37. The e-Center has the right to make use of information from their customers and subscribers to carry out the necessary acquisition of a service or other processes that require procedures, ensuring proper and confidential use of them.