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Specially for SEO specialists, consultants and digital professions.

Also ideal for entrepreneurs in the digital area as it facilitates hiring and allows greater sales by ensuring the quality of its services in delivery.

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Advantages for this program

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  • Validate the Web platforms at your expense.
  • Check and ensure higher quality for your projects.
  • Improve commercial results of your clients.
  • Democratize access to digital industry standards.
  • Differentiate and win customers with robust budgets.
  • Reinforce your position with your customers and increase sales.
  • Guarantee impartiality with external and independent company.
  • Reiterate quality commitment.

Quality Leaders License.

Exclusive agreement for programmers.

It includes:

  • Web quality assessment: Technical review according to industry standards.
  • External measurements: Non-invasive intervention. Does not compromise your website.
  • Detailed evaluation: Detects elements to be corrected or improved.

You will get:

A Web tech plan yearly. Includes: Complete technical report and Web Quality Validation.


You will receive a Web TECH Plan at no cost to each client for three months.

Affiliate program

Receive a 20% commission or discount and many more advantages for your network.


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Freelancers - Quality Leaders

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